New Blog Post: Installing Debian 10 Buster with Encrypted LVM and btrfs Subvolumes

"How to set up a Debian 10 Buster system with btrfs using subvolumes on your root filesystem during the installation process."

New Blog Post: Using the "rm" Command with Trash

"A quick hack to get a Trash bin with the rm command."

I'm gonna miss my really pretty IP address when I move out :(

I've had the same dynamic IP address ( basically since selfhosting.

I had a nightmare that I blew past 169 followers on Masto and couldn't take a screenshot and say "Nice!".

Worst dream I ever had

Well this is interesting. Since all courses are going to be online for the 2020/21 academic year I guess I'm moving back in with my parents to save on rent!

Might have to shift all my self-hosting to a VPS provider if the internet situation there is tricky (it would have to be a double-NAT).

New Blog Post: New Desktop Checklist

"Detailing what I do when I'm setting up a new desktop or laptop system."

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I like how on twitter you're not Famous™ unless you have like >10k retweets or whatever but on fedi I feel really famous when like 10 people retweet my post :blobheart:

New Blog Post: New Server Checklist

"Detailing what I do when I'm setting up a new server."

4K >60Hz displays are still far too expensive. I'd love to get one but not at $800.

FOSS Terminology Change Survey 

Just got a 1 year subscription to 2600's Hacker Quarterly magazine ( I'm excited to get a physical magazine again and it seems quite worth it at 4 editions for $29 (USD)/year.

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The Future of Online #Identity is #Decentralized

My thoughts on why we need decentralized online identity

This is the reason I started #keyoxide

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Got a couple of posts about trying to use #Linux without #X11.

Text Mode Weekend:


Text Mode Weekend II:

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@celia website ( is one of the best designed websites I’ve seen in a long time. I love pretty much everything about it. Beautiful site.

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