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Just got another email from a blind user of SourceHut thanking me for caring about accessibility in my work. And honestly, it wasn't difficult. I don't understand why my peers in web development seemingly couldn't give a rat's ass about accessibility. Maybe because at their level of complexity, to them "accessibility" means "a shitload of aira tags and a ton of work", whereas at my level of complexity it means "just keep it simple and don't do anything particularly stupid"

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Day 30 of the #100DaysToOffload series:

I feel like I got a little bit preachy in this one, but it's something I'm passionate about. I think it's time to go back to the Internet the way it used to be.


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Kids these days will never know the hardships of having to overcook a fresh hard boiled egg yolk for the computer mouse. Every week you needed a fresh one, and it was super hard to perfect.

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Well, this is unfortunate. One of (or the sole?) developer of MicroG for LineageOS is having financial problems which is slowing down development, or might even stop it altogether. I haven't read it as "I can't do it anymore", but it reminds me of the story of how OpenSSL almost stopped.

I wish there were a way where people could eat and we could also keep these projects alive. No, that's not sarcasm. Donations only go so far, and only so many times. After that, then what?

But anyway, there are ways to donate, if anyone is able:

Liberapay: liberapay.com/microG/
Bountysource: bountysource.com/teams/microg
Further reading/additional links: reddit.com/r/MicroG/comments/g


I was gonna go update my phone, I figured it was because of the new major version release. Turns out it's just one person who is busy trying to keep afloat.

#foss #opensource #android

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Do you really need tracking on your personal website, even privacy friendly like #plausible ?

Genuinely curious, I'd like to see those numbers move, but that doesn't warrant user tracking imo

I wish CAD->USD wasn't so garbage right now.

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@rysiek I have my opinions in general for code (tabs to indent levels, add spaces to align), but #Python in particular actually has a style guide. PEP 8 says "use 4 spaces for indentation", whatever spaces you need for alignment, and don't mix tabs and spaces

Since most people follow that part of the style guide, so do I. Even if I disagree that it should be that way. So "4 spaces" is my vote

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Does anybody know of a way to get swype-style typing on Linux? I have a rugged x86 tablet that has a rather interesting touchscreen. It is essentially a drawing tablet, it can even be configured with the same tools. OSK typing is kind of a pain with a stylus and I would love to be able to do it faster. Any suggestions?

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I too have an OpenBSD e-mail setup! I even helped with a bug fix:


I'm still on the old opensmtpd though .. need to update to the new configuration grammar. I might move it into containers :blobcatfearful:

I will be unable to receive email for the next ~10 minutes or so as I migrate the mail server for paritybit.ca.

Damn, the T450s trackpad I got to replace the trackpad on my T440s doesn't work right :(

It's the Alps model, it was correctly recognized as far as I know (with `xinput list`), but it spazzes out whenever it's touched and doesn't register clicks properly.

Put the old trackpad in and it works fine so it doesn't seem to be a broken cable issue... probably just incompatible.

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