Proud of the fact that my website looks the same in Firefox as it does in Lynx.

@jbauer awesome! Even morw awesome you delevop for Lynx and other terminal browsers for people like me. Now i want to edit my hugo blog to look better in w3m.

@jbauer That is inspiring! I reworked bits of my blog in part because of your update.

@jbauer maybe a good idea is to provide us with a #gopher version too! Keep up the good work!

@varchs Thanks! I have actually considered a gopher version and it's on my list of things to look into.

@jbauer @varchs If you are already at it, there is this new kid on the bloc, called Gemini. You can find more info at, I find it to be really interesting

@jbauer Thinking about using your page to show my brother an example on how to correctly write a modern webpage

@jbauer This is seriously good web design. Thank you for being Lynx friendly!

@jbauer Are you telling me I don't need massive amounts of JS loaded from 9 different domains to get a basic webpage???
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