@jbauer Thanks for this writeup. What do these projects use under the hood, usually? Do they remiplement git (surely not?), or use libgit2? Or the original git? Thanks.

@teleclimber Gitweb uses regular git.

It seems like Gitea and Gogs both use the original git too.

SourceHut uses the pygit2 library which is a python wrapper around libgit2.

GitLab is also using libgit2.

@jbauer @teleclimber SourceHut also uses go-git a bit, which is another bespoke git implementation like libgit2

Next to gitweb, I think it's worth mentioning gitolite. It's not a forge per se, amd has nonwebinterface of its own, but it allows having repositories with multiple users with different permissions under git@<yourhostname>

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