Wow, you can have a _complete_ set of digital computing devices for less than $500 USD with @PINE64 stuff.

* PineBook Pro: 199.99
* PineTab+keyboard: 119.98 (pre-order)
* PinePhone: 149.99 (uBPorts ed.)
* PineTime: 24.99 (dev kit)
= Total: $494.95 USD

They're all designed with FOSS in mind and schematics are provided. That's awesome.

@mcread The PineBook Pro is absolutely usable. The PinePhone ecosystem is rapidly getting there as is the PineTime and we'll see when the PineTab comes out where it stands. (They're also really transparent about this).

The best part is that, because it's all FOSS, if stuff isn't working well right now it's only a matter of time and effort before it's improved. Plus you can hack on it yourself to fix things you don't like.

It's like a hacker-friendly version of the Apple ecosystem. @PINE64

@jbauer @mcread @PINE64 except that #apple is several factors more expensive. I share the impression that now or real soon now those are devices for daily use. Not high-end in performance but sufficient for normal people.

@jbauer @mcread @PINE64
I'm waiting for my #UBports CE #Pinephone. Looking hard at the #Pinetab and the #Pinetime. My TV box would be the only Android device left in my house*, I wonder if a PINE64 SBC could replace it.

*Not technically true, I need an Android device for work to run a VPN authenticator app... But it's its only use.

@jbauer @PINE64 does it has Hardware acceleration? The 100$ pinebook had none and couldnt play YouTube in 480p without framedrops.

Hardware is nice, but without the Software it's totally useless.

@QWxleA the Allwinner A64 should have hardware acceleration for some video codecs. But hardware acceleration is disabled under chromium and Firefox.
And AFAIK there is currently no driver for VP9 for the VPU.
@jbauer @PINE64

@jbauer @PINE64 Yep, got the laptop, phone and watch and I’m very impressed with the first two. Huge potential. (Haven’t had a chance to play with the watch yet, it’s at a far earlier stage.)

@jbauer @PINE64 Sadly, these ship from China, and incur customs issues for folks in Europe - so ... well ok the difference in currency probably puts it around 500 Euros.

Another option which is also opensource is Olimex, which has a similar laptop model. I don't have one (yet) and probably won't order because of another project with different goals that I ordered (reform2) but -

and yes, got my pinephone yesterday, after initial issues with EXTREMELY SMALL TEXT and putting the sd card in the SIM slot - which does not work for booting - well, I just wish I had more time to work with it.

Anyone who reads this and who has a pinephone: That jumpdrive tool?

Very useful (:

@jbauer @PINE64 @ademalsasa Waw !!! Just discovering pine64 thanks to you, I’m excited !! Is the pinebook pro suitable for daily usage as a computer to work ?!

@ademalsasa @jbauer @PINE64 thanks a lot ! It definitely helps, this project looks amazing !

@mathieu of course. Glad to see you happy about PINE. Someday, I wish I could buy one.

@jbauer @PINE64

@mathieu It depends on what your daily work tasks are. If you program, are a sysadmin for a *nix environment, work in social media or with documents, or spend a lot of time on the internet then it's perfectly usable.

This isn't the laptop for heavy tasks like CAD, big video editing projects, running many VMs, or compiling massive projects like Firefox or the Linux kernel (unless you're willing to wait a while).

@PINE64 @ademalsasa

@jbauer thanks for the explanation! Now I can explain PINE to my friends and students.

@mathieu @PINE64

Yes! I’d say it covers 90-95% of my usage. Aside from gaming and working on some larger/heavier projects, it’s been a wonderful machine so far for dev, web browsing, and watching videos. It also has amazing battery life.

I do use a pretty lightweight environment though (i3/sway and vim), so your experience may vary on KDE or Gnome or with heavier editors (I haven’t tested them).

@jbauer @PINE64 @ademalsasa

@ademalsasa @avery @mathieu @jbauer @PINE64 I’m on a pretty tricked out System 76 machine running KDE but in truth, i3 is all I really need

@JoshuaRystedt @ademalsasa @mathieu @jbauer @PINE64
My main concern with using a heavier desktop environment would be the limited RAM, but from what I've heard KDE is pretty light nowadays. Manjaro KDE is the default OS on the PBP, so it's probably fine.

I've also heard of people having luck with zram to squeeze a bit more out of it, I was planning on trying it out myself eventually but I haven't run into memory limitations yet.

@avery I use KDE and I can say it is pretty light on my old Pentium laptop today.

@JoshuaRystedt @mathieu @jbauer @PINE64

@ademalsasa @avery @JoshuaRystedt @mathieu @jbauer @PINE64

I have coincidentally both KDE and Sway on the Pinepook Pro. My experience is that KDE is surprisingly light nowadays. ~400 MB are taken after startup. Sway (on the very light postmarketOS) is around 200MB.

Now, for many casual use cases like browsing, light development, text editing and office that is absolutely fine with both GUIs.

@marcuse1w you are right, Marcus. It is also ~400MB on my computer. And also similar on my students computers. I love to see you share your experience with KDE. Thanks, I appreciate it.

@avery @JoshuaRystedt @mathieu @jbauer @PINE64

400MB is not light. My TinyCore 6 install on a turn-of-the-century laptop with 128MB of RAM has a lot of that still free!

@dheadshot it is light without a doubt. Don't compare that to TinyCore.


@ademalsasa @avery @JoshuaRystedt @mathieu @jbauer @PINE64

One area where I got memory issues was when I used the Pinebook Pro for work. In my case that means a lot of O365, sharepoint and so on. With a lot of tabs for O365 open and some LibeOffice plus Microsoft Teams for Linux I got sometimes into memory trouble. The thing is the actual GUI and 200MB difference would have been irrelevant

@jbauer @PINE64 is the pine phone pretty functional? From the site it makes it sound like it's only half working

@aml It depends on what you need out of your phone ;).

This video by @martijnbraam is from a month ago and it looks quite usable. Also, the ecosystem is growing and improving quite fast.

Plus other operating systems like SailfishOS can be made to work on it so if you're willing to tinker a bit at this early stage then it can be quite usable as a daily driver.

I plan to make my next phone a PinePhone when my current one dies. @PINE64

@jbauer @PINE64

I prefer normalna full keyboard. This keyboard are not good.

@jbauer @PINE64 for potential buyers: keep in mind that there are additional costs like shipping fees and customs.

@jbauer That's great, the only downer is customs now, which raises these by 19% VAT plus customs. @PINE64

@jbauer @PINE64 Pinephone ecosystem is still not daily drivable but still I am hoping a revolution like the desktop/server GNU/Linux revolution in our phones, this is only the start.

@jbauer @PINE64 I love it but still think the components /raw materials need to be ethically sourced. E.g. fairphone. And I'm not sure cheap is compatible with ethical.

@jbauer This line up is all brand new to me. Excited to try them soon. Thanks for sharing!

@jbauer @PINE64 Do you know how long it could take from buying one to actually have it shipped at home, for example in Spain?

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