Help me compile a list of FOSS holy wars!

We've got your:

* Vim vs. Emacs
* Strongly typed vs. weakly typed languages
* Brace positioning styles
* Indentation styles
* Filesystems (zfs vs. xfs vs. btrfs etc)
* Programming paradigms (OOP vs. Imperative vs. functional etc)

@EdwardTorvalds That's alright; I just wanted to steer towards FOSS-related things instead of general computing related things (like, who cares about Microsoft vs. Apple anymore :P).

@jbauer I think it is more about developers in general instead of Microsoft vs. Apple.

Linux vs. GNU/Linux
Linux vs. BSD
Bitcoin vs. *coin
Owncloud vs. Nextcloud
OpenOffice vs. Libreoffice
Snap vs. Flatpak
Ubuntu vs. Debian
Ubuntu vs. Mint
nginx vs. Apache

cronjob vs. systemd timer
any init sytem vs. systemd
mir vs. X vs. wayland

Great, now I can't help thinking about this. :blobpats:

@jbauer tiling window managers vs bloated DEs (KDE, Gnome)

@jbauer YAML vs. JSON, or more generally, space/indentation for human convenience vs. for machine-readable nesting.

@ksteimel @jbauer vs old school package managers vs functional package managers (which, for the record, are the best choice. (only half kidding.))

Systemd vs sys-v init vs openrc is another one. Sorry for the double reply

@jbauer not FOSS specific but the pronunciation of gif

@jbauer Neckbard vs. Fedora? :thinkhappy:

More seriously tho:
OS: Linux vs. BSD, Debian vs. Ubuntu, whatever

also, of course sysv vs systemd :P

No one has mentioned Arch vs every other Linux distro yet? I'm surprised.

@jbauer Desktop environments (GNOME, KDE, xfce) vs minimalistic window managers? Or tiling vs non-tiling for that matter

@jbauer The vim vs emacs war was already won by us vimmers for a while, the emacsers just don't know how to exit it properly ;)

@proycon I agree judging by the StackOverflow dev surveys ;)

@jbauer ITYM Statically typed versus Dynamically typed. Nobody would seriously use a weakly typed language in 2020.

@jbauer CSS-in-JS vs doing things the correct way

Linux vs. Unix / Linux vs. BSD
systemd vs many other programs
x11 vs wayland
guix vs nix

@jbauer systemd vs all other inits (screw systemd, by the way).

@jbauer not FOSS specific but light mode vs dark mode comes to mind

@jbauer RPM vs dpkg

Yum vs APT

Correct use of binary and decimal prefixes vs expecting the reader to guess

svn vs bzr vs h2 vs git

trunk vs main vs master (new for 2020!)

IPv6 vs never6ers

@jbauer that seems more like programmer's flame wars.... :blobcatcoffee:

- GNU/Linux vs *BSD
- systemd vs the others
- free/libre software vs open-source
- capitalism vs communism

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