Is it just me or does it seem like Jupiter Broadcasting is kind of falling apart?

They went from having Linux Unplugged, TechSNAP, UserError, ChooseLinux, BSDNow, Linux Headlines, Linux Action News, Self-Hosted and regular Jupiter Extras uploads to just Linux Unplugged, Linux Headlines, and Self-Hosted.

The firing of Joe Ressington killed off a lot of those shows, then BSDNow decided to go independent, and TechSNAP ended a few weeks ago.

@jbauer in all honesty, I haven’t listened to much of JB since Joe left. Mainly because he took the best shows with him IMO.

I had high hopes for self hosted, but it should really be called “home automation” as that’s all they talk about.

@kev Yeah I agree, I was hoping for a little more than talking about Raspberry Pis, docker, and nearly every episode from Self-Hosted.

I'm glad Joe decided to create 2.5 Admins and The New Show. They've become some of my favourite podcasts.

I feel exactly the same way about Self-Hosted. I was looking forward to hearing about new open source services and tools but it feels like all they talk about how smart Chris's RV is and how many Pis he has. The latest episode looks like it might be more interesting but I haven't finished it yet.

So far, 2.5 Admins is what I was hoping Self-Hosted would be lol. It's easily become one of my favourites as well

@amolith @jbauer @kev 2.5 Admins is a lot of fun! Too bad Joe refuses to hang around here with the cool kids. :(

@kev @jbauer TBH most Linux and Open-source podcasts have gone down hill in the last year... I agree with you guys about Jupiter. Destination Linux (except Ask Noah) is all about pushing the latest hardware and rolling distros. Ryan irks me no end. A lot of the independent podcasts are mainly about griping and bringing the toxicity of r/linux to audio. That basically leaves me with Ubuntu, LNL and LinuxLads. I like Joe but 2.5 and New show are a miss for me

@dave I do highly recommend BSDNow if you're into BSDs or ZFS at all.

There's also the Open Source Security Podcast but that's more a security-themed casual chat show.

I definitely get what you're saying. Lots of the podcasts in our space either all talk about the same things in a week or are frustrating to listen to. There's a lack of educational, high-quality podcasts where people test different configurations or talk about FOSS development and whatnot.

@jbauer The stuff about Joe sounds really bad to be honest, bordering on cultural intolerance and/or classism. If it's really true that CloudGuru fired him for saying "cunt" in front of (but not directed at) a group of close coworkers, with no warnings or second chances, that's a problem.

It seemed like they had a really good thing going with Linux Academy, but then capitalism had to capitalism I suppose.

@mort @jbauer We don't know what happened, all we know is that *one* word was taken out of context.

And there's probably cultural differences here as well. The word cunt is to my understanding not as bad in UK (at least not here in Sweden) as it is in the US.

@hund He did actually speak a bit about it (I think on the ep. of Late Night Linux after he was fired). The short of it is that he said "cunt" in front of a group of coworkers he thought would be okay with it then one of them filed a complaint, Joe was contacted about the complaint and was apologetic and said he would do any remedial things to make it up, but then was just let go. @mort

@jbauer @mort I know about that, I listen to all of his shows. :)

@hund That's why I said "if it's really true that ..."; we only know one side of the story. However, I'm willing to believe that Joe isn't outright lying, so either he wasn't well informed about all the reasons why he was fired (bad), or he was fired literally just for saying "cunt" and being apologetic later (also bad).

The cultural difference is why I brought up the cultural insensitivity thing. Firing someone from another culture because they use a word that's normal for them is insensitive.

@jbauer I didn't follow the politics of it closely at all, but noticed the drastic shift myself.


I used to listen to JB a lot. I stopped just after they killed LAS and Noah started to the ask Noah stuff... Oh, and then Chris killed LAS to do another program, Computer Action Show? It was another AS, but I don't remember well.

I heard that they were partnering with Linux Academy on producing content, but that was that. It seem I lost a lot of action that was going on.

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