Time zones are dumb. Also, daylight savings time is dumb. Also, time is dumb.

Time zones are bloat. Therefore I propose we start again and only use Unix time starting at the epoch from now on.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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@jbauer that color pallette suggests me, in addition, that time is in fact non-cisheteronormative

@jbauer Or just get everyone to use Swatch Internet Time.


Time: "I am sorry Jake, I am afraid I can't do that."

@jbauer woah I had no idea China was using just one time zone.

@jbauer I wonder if the Mercator projection might blur the logic behind time zones and make it appear more random than it actually is?

@rbd For the high and low stuff it probably does. Though Europe, China, and most of the other countries and places at or near the equator don't have any excuse :P

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