Artists who have a bandcamp or other store where I can buy and download a DRM free copy of their music: ❤️

Artists who are only available on streaming platforms/buy from amazon/itunes: ❌

@jbauer I was heartbroken when Kanye made Tidal and deleted the bandcamp :chick_heartbroken:

@jbauer there's a substantial need to educate people engaged in artistic pursuits that aren't inherently tied to technological competence/awareness about the consequences of contemporary "intellectual property" and the damaging legal fictions on which it rests

ignorance doesn't justify damaging behaviour but ignorance is still a prerequisite problem to making a decision with personal agency to use better distribution platforms

@jbauer Not music, but Magus Elgar's available from Bandcamp. And I love it!

@jbauer I think they'll publish on whatever gets them the most income, given it's pretty hard to make a living as an artist. Unfortunately that might mean taking a slice of the monopolist's pie, unless we can make the open alternatives better and more lucrative.


Same for me. 7Digital is my preference but I share the sentiment. I've never purchased music from an online store with DRM and I won't be starting.

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