Collabora Online in Nextcloud seems to work quite well. Good alternative to Google Docs for those whoms't've want to get away from that.

Wha...? Why do you do this Duckduckgo?

First it was giving me Russian results, now it gave me Japanese results. I know neither of these languages.

I'm trying to consolidate the colours in cgit's CSS file so I can more easily customize how it looks. That's a lot of shades of grey...

By the way, I've literally just taken colours from the rest of the CSS, I haven't done any consolidation/customization yet.

One of the most useful plugins for doing any kind of webdev: vim-css-color (

(redrafted to add image description)

Time zones are dumb. Also, daylight savings time is dumb. Also, time is dumb.

New T420s trackpad sticker! Also I don't understand why design language like this doesn't exist anymore. The laptop looks really good.

Hacked together bash script to convert all of my .flac music into .mp3 for syncing to all my devices.

Managed to cut down the number of files in my home directory. On a fresh install, there are only 10 items. Feels good.

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