New Blog Post: Installing Debian 10 Buster with Encrypted LVM and btrfs Subvolumes

"How to set up a Debian 10 Buster system with btrfs using subvolumes on your root filesystem during the installation process."

New Blog Post: Using the "rm" Command with Trash

"A quick hack to get a Trash bin with the rm command."

New Blog Post: New Desktop Checklist

"Detailing what I do when I'm setting up a new desktop or laptop system."

New Blog Post: New Server Checklist

"Detailing what I do when I'm setting up a new server."

New Blog Post: Colours for Gitea Issues

"When I used to use Gitea, I created a colourscheme for classifying issues. Even though I'm not using it anymore, I figured others may get some use out of it."

New Blog Post: Migrating My Wiki Off of MediaWiki

"MediaWiki is a cool bit of software (it powers Wikipedia, after all), but after using it as my wiki software for a few months, I've come to the conclusion that it's not a good solution for me."

New Blog Post: My TODO Solution

"Yesterday I posted about why I don't think TODO lists or applications are useless. In this post, I describe what I do to keep myself organized."

New Blog Post: Are TODO Applications a Waste of Time?

"A few days ago I saw a video talking about how TODO applications are a waste of time. I don't think TODO applications are the problem though, humans are."

(Re-toot because I forgot the meta text... again!)

New Blog Post: Improving Blog Searching

"I received a few good suggestions in response to my recent blog post about setting up search for my blog. In this post, I check out the proposed improvements and detail which one I chose and why."

New Blog Post: Switching to cgit

"I got tired of gitea's slowness and I didn't use its features anyways so I took the time this past weekend to swtich over to cgit. I also made a few modifications along the way."

New Blog Post: Generating My Geek Code

"I've seen something called the Geek Code around the Internet on some people's profiles and decided to have a go at creating one for myself."

New Blog Post: Adding Search to my Blog

"As my collection of blog posts keeps growing, it is becoming increasingly apparent to me that I need to offer my users some way to search my previous posts. This post details how I implemented search for my blog."

New Blog Post: A Month-and-a-Half of Self-Hosted Email

"There's been a lot of talk in my Internet neighbourhood lately about the state of email and whether it's broken or not. Here's why I think email is just fine as it is, from the perspective of someone self-hosting.

New Blog Post: How I Keep My Home Directory Clean

"I am one of those people who likes to keep files organized and directories clean. Here's how I keep my home directory as free of cruft as possible."

New Blog Post: My First CTF

"Today I completed my first ever CTF. It was long but very, very fun and was a great learning experience."

New Blog Post: Use Syncthing to Sync Things

"During this round of reinstalling the operating systems on all of my computers, I wanted a more convenient way to transfer and share files between them. I chose Syncthing and have been loving it."

New Blog Post: Why dwm's Window Swallowing Patch Can't Swallow tmux

"The results of my debugging adventure where I determined why tmux running in a terminal window prevents the swallow patch for dwm from working properly."

New Blog Post: Switching to Debian Sid

"I've been running Debian 10 Buster on all of my computers since it released almost a year ago. Now that things are starting to feel dated, I felt it was a good time to update."

New Blog Post: My LWN Theme

"A recent blog post by @amolith about how he set up his LWN theme made me want to review my settings which I set up over a year ago."

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